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Künstler e. V.


Bewerbungsschluss: 6. Juni 2021

The residency ANABASIS inspired by Paul Celan, one of the most important German-speaking poets of the twentieth century, will feature German and Ukrainian artists working with new media. The artists are invited to deal with questions of identity and posthumanism in a funded workshop and project phase. The resulting works will be presented in November 2021.
10 artists will be selected for the project in equal proportions from Germany and Ukraine (relevant is the place of work and residence, not the nationality).
The artists will receive a total grant of 800 € or an equivalent in UAH for the project phase including the production costs of their contributions. During the two-week residency phase in the second half of July, the artists are invited to participate in internal online events with selected guests. The artistic contributions will be published digitally and exclusively on the project site.